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High Graduated Housewife (Turkey)

10 July 2006 / No Comments
Name: Sennur
Location: Istanbul – Turkey
“I am a high graduated housewife. The elder one of my sons is studying at the university and the smallest is murmuring around. With tries and recreate all of the beautifull things, I have felt in a hobbymania and worrying along somehow…Lets share.”

Turkey Flag

High Graduated Housewife

Love Food (Sweden)

10 July 2006 / No Comments
Name: Anne
Location: Stockholm – Sweden
“I just love food. I love reading about food, writing about food, cooking food and… not surprisingly, eating food. I live in Stockholm, Sweden, with my husband and our five cats, and I’m 29 years old. I love reading other people’s blogs too – for fun, I mostly read food blogs, but in my work, I keep track of Swedish politics and international events.”

Annes Food